Love ur Curls (LUS) Review

PhotoGrid_1503183264697Like many curly girls we are always on the hunt for the perfect product for our curly tresses. Browsing Facebook I came across a video of a woman with extremely long beautiful curly hair, and she was talking about her new product LUS (Love UR Curls). I was mesmerized from her curls and I automatically began my research for reviews and watching YouTube videos to see the results of other curly girls. I discovered beautiful testimonies from all textures of curls, and they also reported their love for the new product. I immediately purchased the products feeling optimistic that this new product was going to fix all of my hair issues.

LUS product 3 step system claims to eliminate the layering of multiple product to achieve the perfect curls.

Come along the journey with me and let’s see if this product meets up to its expectations that it claims.

Day of application – After following the instruction exactly as stated  and watching the owner videos she thoroughly expressed that less is more and it’s all about the water. As a curly girl for the last 7 years I am well aware that I must apply products to a head that is soaked with water. I parted my hair into two sections and used about a quarter size of product on each side. I have to be honest in the back of my mind I was saying to myself this was NOT going to work . I have NEVER been able to apply this little of product and get great results. I will say that MOST times I just air dry my hair because I feel like I get better results when I do this. However, this time I let the product sit in my hair about 10 minutes and followed up with diffusing my hair on med setting. My initial impression I loved it but I could see potential issues with Frizz.  Combating Texas heat is going to be the true test and I did doubt that it wasn’t going to beat the challenge.

Day 1 – The day started off hopeful but ended very disappointing. Texas humidity  always seem to win. After thinking about my application and looking at my hair at the end of the day I decided I may have not put enough product the first time and with this humidity some John Frieda Frizz Ease extra strength is needed. So I parted my hair in four sections and worked one section at a time using water, LUS leave-in (applying more product), and Frizz ease but, this time I air-dried 90% and diffused on low-settings.  I also did not touch my hair until it was 100% dry. Truth be told I was not feeling as optimistic and bracing myself for disappointment.

Day 3 and 5 – Day 3 and 5 I continued to just wet my hair down with water and LUS leave-in and let my hair  dry at about 80% then diffused on low setting .

Final thoughts

This product made my hair volume just pop so much so I really didn’t have to use the Afro-pic to fluff.  The curls were defined (NOT PERFECT), my hair was moisturized,  and that says a lot living in constant humidity.  The cons would be that I personally couldn’t just use the leave-in by itself as I had to add John Freida Frizz Ease to help tame the frizz.  However considering the climate I live in and I don’t know NOT one product that can do everything so I still say this product was worth the purchase.  It kept my hair light and fluffy, curls defined, and it was well moisturized.  Even my husband commented on the difference which is a plus because he never notices new products.  The shampoo and conditioner were good but to me not a significant difference from the already sulfate-free ones I’ve already been using for the last 7 years.  I will definitely be purchasing the leave-in again and use it when the weather changes as I feel the results will be better in the winter.

P.S.  I must like the products because I’ve already set my curls for next week and I chose to reuse these products for the second week.  This says a lot because I have MANY products I could have went back too… So again I would say GOOD BUY!!!!

Always honest,



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