What is your purpose?


Have you ever experienced a time where life is great but you still have questions on what next?  Do you have a feeling inside that is unexplainable?  You think to yourself why am I being so selfish as I have a great life, and nothing is wrong but why do I want more.  I tell you  I battle with feeling guilty of wanting more. The feeling of wanting to find what I am great at and just live my life finally doing what it is I was meant to do.  What I do know is that in order to get there you have to continue to move forth on your journey.  Life will always be a journey if you are lucky.

Lately I’ve been reading up on meditation and, the benefits of exercising your brain to just be still.  Meditation helps to make your  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being more healthy.  Once you get to a point where you can calm your brain down to where great clarity can be achieved.

At this stage in my life, I need clarity in the direction I am supposed to be going.  I want to live life to the fullest and start to do what it is I am supposed to be doing.  I have this yearning feeling inside that is quite unexplainable but I do know there is a change that is definitely happening.

I have taken an oath with myself that next year will be the year I don’t say NO to things that scare me.  My fear is my biggest downfall and I know in order to move forward I have to tap into being fearless in my every day life, and not just when my back is up to the wall.

I am opening myself to change even tho it can be quite uncomfortable sometimes!!!!



3 thoughts on “What is your purpose?

  1. Good for you. You are definetly going in the right direction. I try to meditate, so hard! I have so much trouble clearing my mind. I try for a while then I give up. Maybe it is time to try again, afterall, practice makes perfect. 🙂

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