Powerful Leopard

PhotoGrid_1512240527317So this week’s theme was animal print.

Growing up I always viewed Leopard print as cheesy because in the movies it was always the “Fast Ass Woman” that was wearing it.  But as I have matured the print now  represents strength to me.  I see many women wrapping their hair with different printed scarves and it always screams sexy, powerful, strength, and  beauty.

So I wanted to do a tribute to all my scarf wearing sistas because I think they are just absolutely beautiful!!


Dress – Donkap Women Sexy Off The Shoulder Autumn Slim Fit Bodycon Cocktail Party Midi Dress Black L

Leopard Shoes – ROSSELYN HEELED SANDAL from Just Fab

Headscarf – Walmart

Elephant Wood Earrings – A friend




6 thoughts on “Powerful Leopard

  1. This is Awesome. I get what you mean. I started like Leopard in HS bc it represented Sexiness and Power and I thought it looked great on my complexion but now I realize it also means strength, style, and sass and I’m totally here for it.

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